how to make samp server

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how to make samp server

Post  redomayer on Sat May 15, 2010 12:18 am

Now downloaded, extract the files in a folder

Then, we open the file server.cfg, with notepad or other similar program.

After, we see this:

Ok, let's go!

echo Executing Server: (Don't edit)
Lanmode: LAN mode, if you want to play in a network in your house. Type 0 to desable and type 1 to enable.
Maxplayers: The number of max player can join to the server, for example, 50 players max.
Port: The port number. You need to have open the port on your firewall or router for the players can join. The most used is 7777.
Hostname: The server's name.
GameModes: It determines which scripts will begin, in what order and how many times. For example, the gamemode0, gamemode1, gamemode 2...etc, indicates the order. The second number indicates how many times repeats himself.
Weburl: Your website's URL
rcon_password: The password of the administrator. Change it for the yours.

Now, for open, you only have to do 2 clicks in samp-server.exe and now you have the server opened. To join you need to open the SAMP client and in the favorites section, click in "Add server" and join IP with the port:

Now, you must know your IP for play with your friends.

To know your IP-->

Copy the IP and give it to your friends.

For login as administrator you must write in your server the command /rcon login <password>

RCON commands:

/rcon echo [text> - It send a message to server's window (to show)
/rcon exec [cfg> - It runs a configuration's file
/rcon cmdlist - It shows all RCON commands
/rcon varlist - It shows all variables
/rcon exit - Close the RCON connection
/rcon kick [id> - It kicks an a user for ID
/rcon ban [id> - It bans an a user (he can't join to the server) for ID
/rcon gmx - It restarts the actually gamemode
/rcon changemode [mode> - It changes the gamemode
/rcon say [text> - It sends a message as "admin"
/rcon reloadbans - Reload the bans

PD: Sorry for my bad English

That's all bye!

See you!


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Post  macho.obe on Mon May 17, 2010 12:28 pm

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